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Coinhall provides prices, charts, swap aggregations and analytics in realtime for Terra, Juno, and Cosmos chains..

Discover your new favorite meme coins or track your current holdings in real time.

Here's how you can buy USDC on Osmosis through Coinhall with Kado

Select OSMO from the token list or search for it
Select buy crypto in the top right corner
The Kado interface will then open
Select "Connect"
Select the wallet you'd like to use. We automatically connect to Keplr or Leap or you can input a custom address
Your new wallet should automatically connect
Click "Continue" and proceed to sign in. If this is your first time using Kado, you'll need to KYC.
Once signed in, add a payment method
If buying by ACH bank transfer, you will then connect your bank account via Plaid
Select your bank
Sign in with your bank credentials
Select the account you wish to purchase with
If buying by credit or debit card, you can input your card details directly
Confirm the transaction. And you're all set!

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Updated on: 26/12/2023

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