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How to Buy OSMO on Osmosis

Osmosis is the leading DEX in the Cosmos ecosystem.

To buy OSMO on Osmosis, start out by downloading the Keplr Wallet Chrome Extension

Once the Chrome Extension is downloaded, create a new wallet
Create a wallet name and password. Be sure to copy down your seed phrase (mnemonic seed) somewhere safe!
Your new wallet is now generated!
Go to and select "Connect Wallet"
Select "Keplr"
Your new wallet should automatically connect
Select "Buy tokens" and then select Kado. The widget will then pop-up with your wallet pre-selected
Select the blue "+" next to "With" which will then promp you to sign in
Proceed to sign in to your Kado account
Once signed in, add a payment method
If buying by credit or debit card, you can input your card details directly
If buying by ACH bank transfer, you will then connect your bank account via Plaid
Select your bank
Sign in with your bank credentials
Select the account you wish to purchase with
Select the amount of OSMO you'd like to purchase
Confirm the transaction. And you're all set!

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Updated on: 09/05/2023

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