How to On-ramp into Osmosis with Kado Ramp

Set up your Keplr Wallet

You'll first need to setup a Keplr Wallet. Keplr is the main wallet in the Cosmos IBC ecosystem, in which Osmosis is the leading decentralized exchange. See Keplr's instructions how to set up your Keplr Wallet and account.

Kado Ramp

Now that you set up your Keplr Wallet, you're ready to on-ramp funds directly to Keplr via UST on Kado Ramp. UST is Terra's stablecoin, which integrates with Keplr and Osmosis.

Go to website, enter the amount of UST you want to purchase, and click "Buy Now".

You will then be prompted to enter your Terra wallet address on Keplr. This is where the UST will be transferred. Go to your Keplr Wallet to copy your Terra address, and make sure you select Terra from the dropdown menu (Cosmos Hub is typically the first address shown).

Once you paste your wallet address and click "Buy UST", you'll be prompted to confirm your email address. Check your email for the 4-digit code, and confirm on Kado Ramp. Next you'll go through KYC as a first time user. Once you provide your information and pass KYC, you will not have to do this again as a returning user. For more info on Kado KYC, see here.

After passing KYC approval, you're ready to enter your payment information to complete the purchase of UST. Follow the instructions to connect your debit, credit card, or bank account.

Once you submit the purchase, you'll be prompted via email to confirm the transfer, which is a necessary last step to send the UST to your wallet address. After confirming the transfer via email, your UST should arrive in your Keplr Wallet within a few minutes.

Sending LUNA to your Keplr Wallet (skip if you already have LUNA to send)

In order to pay for the slight gas fee to send the UST to Osmosis, you need a small amount of LUNA in your Keplr Wallet to pay for the fee. If you have a Terra Wallet with LUNA already, simply send a small amount of LUNA from your Terra Wallet to your Keplr Wallet Terra address.

If you don't have a Terra Wallet, you'll need to download the Terra Chrome extension and create a Terra wallet to interact with any Terra ecosystem dApp. See Terra’s guide to download Terra Station and create a wallet.

After your Terra Wallet is created, you need to buy some LUNA. You can on-ramp more funds via Kado Ramp, or send UST from your Keplr Wallet to your Terra Wallet. Once you have UST in your Terra Wallet, you can swap the UST for LUNA.

Sending UST/LUNA to Osmosis

Now that you have UST/LUNA in your Keplr Wallet, you're ready to send funds to Osmosis. You can send both LUNA or UST, it is up to you.

Go to and "enter the lab"

First you need to connect your Keplr Wallet. Click "Connect" at the bottom left of the screen.

Now that your wallet is connect, click on "Assets" on the left of the screen. This is where you will "Deposit" your UST/LUNA from Keplr into Osmosis.

Click "Deposit" on UST or LUNA. It will show the amount that you have in your Keplr Wallet, and give you an option to select the amount you want to send into Osmosis.

Confirm the transaction on Keplr, and your assets should transfer right after!

You're now ready to trade, provide liquidity, and more on Osmosis!
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