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How can I upgrade my tier?

To increase from Tier 1 to Tier 2, you must use Kado Ramp for 14 days, make 5 orders, and purchase a minimum of $1,500.00. In order to move from Tier 2 to Tier 3, you must have used Kado Ramp for 28 days, made 10 orders, and purchased a minimum of $3,000.00.

Below is the full tier list for Kado Ramp.

Tier 1. 24-Hour Limit: $500.00

Account activated
Name and address submitted
KYC document uploaded

Tier 2. 24-Hour Limit: $1,500.00

First order 14+ days ago
5+ orders total
Purchased more than $1,500.00

Tier 3. 24-Hour Limit: $3,000.00

First order 28+ days ago
10+ orders total
Purchased more than $3,000.00

Updated on: 21/09/2022

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